4115 Passamaquoddy Bay and St. Croix River

We strive to be an ethical and responsible suppler of paddling equipment. That being said we place a heavy enphasis on Transport Canada and Paddle Canada guidelines. That being said, we keep preaching about the gear you should take with you for a Coastal trip: Safety Kit, extra paddle, extra clothes, compass, PFD, Wet or Dry suit, water and extras depending on the length of trip. One main item mentioned for both planning and en route navigation is a navigational chart.

Up till this point we haven’t offered charts, as the matter of fact not many kayak dealers do. Why is that? We’re not sure, so we contacted the Canadian Government and are now an official Canadian Hydrographic Services paper dealer.

It is important to keep your charts up to date. Transport Canada publishes notices to mariners that provide the information required to keep your chart up to date. Deviation must also be corrected .

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